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With MV Token, you can easily

make trades, make stakes and play mini-games in the Monster Village Game. 


Monster Village world is a place where monsters live in the Middle Ages. 


The first 3000 Monsters minted are the genesis series and they are the most valuable ones. 


The Monsters are divided into 9 categories and these categories are farmers, warriors, wizards, woodcutters, craftsmen, rebels, reverends, merchants and miners. Each category is able to create a different kind of NFT element. 


NFT elements are the elements that allow you to use and to craft new things in the game. These elements can be wheat, inn, beer, cloth, carriage, etc. 


In the Monster Village Game, you will be able to make exchanges, stake, farming and transfer by using MV Token. 


What is next?


With the Monsters and/or MV Token you own, new Monsters will be minted. 


Beta version will be released via web browser. Later, the beta versions of mobile and pc versions will be released. 


Immediately after the Pre-Sale, there will be DEX and CEX listings. 

To promote HODL, stake and farming options will be integrated. 

MV tokens will be burned as much as the value of the NFTs bought after MV Token is listed on the exchanges.



Token Name: Monster Village

Token Symbol: MV

Total Supply: 300.000.000

Decimal: 18

Mainnet: Polygon/Matic - BSC - ETH

Contract: 0xcad3f8635569a5a408b2b4ca42a25eb20c6c5bd8 (Polygon)

Contract: 0x99d626986DB38ba2736C9c63102E7Ce5e77E2d3E (ETH)

Contract: 0x99d626986DB38ba2736C9c63102E7Ce5e77E2d3E (BSC)

Token functionality

MV Token will be a frequently used token in NFT sales, within the Monster Village Game and

in the markets. Thus, MV token Holders will gain plenty of advantages and profits.

Value & Stability of Token

We can predict that the valuation of MV token should be between $1 and $3, by comparison to other similar projects.

We want to be listed on as many DEX and CEX exchanges as possible.

An equal amount of MV Token will be burned for each token distributed. 

Regular BuyBacks are planned. 

Token distribution

Monster Village will also have an MV token reward system and the same amount of MV will be burned for each token distributed.

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