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How to buy MV Token?

The MV Token is on the Matic/Polygon Mainnet.

If you do not have a Matic wallet, follow the 6 steps below.

You can get MV Token using Matic wallet

Step 1

First, you have to own a wallet like "MetaMask".

You can download MetaMask from the link below.

Step 2

MetaMask will come with Ethereum mainnet as standard and

will appear like this.

Step 3

MV Token is on Matic/Polygon mainnet

To get MV Token, you are required to install

Matic on MetaMask.

After clicking the button that says

"Ethereum Mainnet" above,

select "Custom RPC"

Step 4

To add the Matic/Polygon mainnet, you must enter these settings and click the "Save" button.

Network Name: Matic Network
Network URL:
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:

Step 5


you have added the Matic/Polygon mainnet to MetaMask, now you have a matic wallet.

In the marked area you can see "Account 1" and from here you can copy your matic address. 

Only one step left!

Step 6

Get matic from the exchange you use and send as many matics

as you want to the address you copied in step 5. 

Select "Matic" network!

You can now get as many MV Tokens as you want by clicking the button below.

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